Culinary students cater school events


The culinary arts class provides a fruit plate garnished with Lion spirit.

As the pan sizzles, a light aroma drifts up and into the hallway. Students walk by and take it in. Their mouths begin to salivate out of curiosity, wanting a taste, just a little nibble.

Shanon Holt’s Intro to Culinary Arts students have prepared meals for many Borah events such as the Dennis Dehryl Technical Center’s freshman open house, and the Borah Booster’s annual fundraising dinner.  Since the culinary students were able to cater for the Borah Boosters dinner below budget, more projects can be funded.

“Most events are required for a grade, but most of the work is done in class,” said senior Scott Deilh.

Even though the culinary arts class cannot replicate the urgency of a restaurant, it gives students a hint of what it would be like to work in the food industry.

Senior Daniel Stoddard is just one of the students who aspires to own a restaurant. He joined Culinary Arts because he loves cooking, eating, and making food he enjoys. “The class is pretty awesome,” he noted with a smile. “Everyone is a great cook.”

Looking up to give her students a slight grin, Holt remarked,  “The class is crazy!” She added, “They all have great personalities and work their brains out.”

Junior Natasha Reeves and Junior Anthony DeStasio are going to continue their culinary classes at the Renaissance Center next year. “It’s basically a tech center for cooking,” said DeStasio. The class that these students will be attending is an advanced culinary arts class and will help them continue to learn to prepare food and all the aspects of running a restaurant.

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