Mini Documentary: The State of the Nation (ft. OPHS students and parents)

Students discuss the storming of the Capitol

By Hayden Brown, Sophia Lippel, Daisy Calderon, and Emily Francis

The State of the Nation: Edited by Hayden Brown

Written and Interviews by Hayden Brown, Daisy Calderon Arredondo, Emily Francis and Sophia Lippel

Interviews with Beshane Bans, Stephanie Calderon, Sara Carannza, Amber Gilman, Hunter Glass, Ethan Grinberg, Dominic Land, Aviva Medved, David Shiang and Sanjana Sharma

Featured Song – ‘Tears and Rain’ by Neutrin05

News Footage Featured from BBC, CBSN New York, ABC News, and Fox News

This story was originally published on The Oak Park Talon on January 29, 2021.