Thundering Herd Hero

Grace Snyder, a CHS ’20 grad and local EMT, rushed into action to save a Carlisle resident from a vehicle fire

By Colton Gillingham, Carlisle Area High School

Grace Snyder is an EMT with Cumberland Goodwill and belongs to multiple fire companies within Carlisle and the surrounding area.

In the early morning of January 7, a car fire on Willow Street was dispatched to fire companies. Because the Cumberland Goodwill station was around the corner from the incident, Snyder and her partner took their ambulance to the scene.

Upon arrival, there were flames showing from the vehicle and an elderly gentleman was attempting to remove himself from them. Snyder exited the ambulance and sprinted toward the gentleman to assist him in escaping from the flames.

Shortly after the successful rescue, fire crews arrived and extinguished the fire. While Snyder and the crew went about their normal activities, word spread of this rescue and made local news, with many in the community heralding Snyder for her quick thinking and brave actions.

This interview was conducted to recognize a young community hero and a CHS graduate for her selfless actions.

This story was originally published on Periscope on February 11, 2021.