The vaccination situation

Students and staff begin the vaccination process


Courtesy of Lauren Reusch

Taking a selfie with fellow teachers, librarian Lauren Reusch displays her vaccination card. Reusch travelled with English teachers Erin Fluchel and Shannan Cremeens to Illinois to be vaccinated. “I am most excited to go out to eat in an actual restaurant with my husband,” Reusch said.

By Leah Schroeder, Parkway West High School

With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, more and more individuals have gained access to a vaccination. However, the experiences of students and staff have varied greatly. From types of vaccines received, to symptoms post-shot, to thoughts and beliefs, this process has been different for everyone. Read on to learn the stories of five individuals’ vaccination situations.

These features showcase student and staff perspectives. Some of these opinions and concerns have been addressed by experts. Visit official sources such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the Food and Drug Administration for information before coming to a decision on vaccination.

This story continues on Pathfinder and was originally published on April 29, 2021.