Senior’s painting receives White House recognition

Wingspan TV

By Alyssa Murphy, Liberty High School - TX

For many, it’s a dream to have national recognition. Dreams have become reality for senior Seoyoung Kong as she won first place in the United States White House Art Competition. 

“I really didn’t think that I would win anything, I just kind of did it for fun,” Kong said. “But I really enjoyed the message, which was different kinds of hands contributing to holding up the White House, and holding up America and raising it up. The reaction to seeing the video of me coming to first place was like, I was ecstatic. And I was like kind of screaming and I was so happy about it.”

Kong has been creating art for years, and the recognition for her work has opened the door to new opportunities and greater exposure to her art.

“It was actually inside the White House visiting area displayed there and I was really proud of that,” she said. “I [also got] an interview with the White House historical association so that was great.”

On campus, Kong participates in 3D art, where she is learning to experiment with new artistic opportunities.

“The level of of art im in  it’s like AP art,” she said. “AP 3d art and the types of artworks I like is like storytelling with art and I usually use like watercolor and pastels. But these days I’ve been trying out 3d art because I’m in the class and I am trying out paper mache and cardboard.”

Art teacher Fred Rodriguez has enjoyed seeing Kong’s progression.

“It’s been awesome to see her grow,” Rodriguez said. “She also takes some classes outside of school which is really cool to see even more growth from the work she does outside of class and then in my other classes.”

This story was originally published on Wingspan on December 17, 2021.