SheWorks Ep. 1: Unicorns vs. Zebras

By Amber Kaur Toor, Carlmont High School

Welcome to the first episode of SheWorks!

SheWorks discusses the societal biases and sexism within the workplace. Each episode is an interview with either a female entrepreneur or a female in a male-dominated industry who talks through the specific experiences they have had. Those experiences are used to form further conversations around female empowerment.

Today Amber Toor will be discussing the struggles women face in the entrepreneurial world when it comes to starting a business. She will be joined by Mara Zepeda, the managing director and co-founder of Zebras Unite.

Zepeda talks through her personal experiences with male venture capitalists and the differences between a male and female economy. She uses these economies to connect back to the principles of sexism and how they affect the entrepreneurial industry as well as what they mean for the future of female entrepreneurs across the globe.

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This story was originally published on Scot Scoop News on January 28, 2022.