McAllen High’s spirit slump

By Isabella Zambrano and Alexandra Arevalo, McAllen High School

Spirit Week is an exciting time around McAllen High School. In the days leading up to Homecoming, the student body celebrates through various activities and events: themed dress-up days are one highlight.

Usually, the school community is quick to participate and take advantage of such a fun time. However, this particular Spirit Week seemed to be lacking great involvement.

“I just forgot that you even have to dress up,” said senior Johann Gutierrez.

Despite being considered the most “spirited” school in the Rio Grande Valley, it seems as though that enthusiasm stops short of reaching anything that isn’t a football game.

It’s also evident to the students that school spirit seems to be lacking.

“The posters around the school this year are really bland. They’re just not the same,” reported a senior whose identity wished to be unnamed.

The problem here seems to be that, while McAllen wants to expand school spirit and student involvement, we don’t know where to start. Many ideas have been proposed–a Pep Squad, decorating the halls more often with ribbon and other ornaments, and sprucing up the “bland” posters.

Junior Hannah Fawcett has taken another step to improve school spirit by creating the Spirit Booster Club. This club will help raise money to provide our student section with various spirit tools, such as noisemakers and leis.

Fawcett has been working in conjunction with Principal Albert Canales to make these efforts worthwhile.

“Everyone always asks me how I came up with the idea. It kind of just came to me,” Fawcett explained. “Principal Canales was like a kid in a candy store when I came to talk to him about it. It was really cool.”

She is also happy to report that this Booster Club will be steadily going on throughout the school year, for all sports. There is no denying that the club can only improve McAllen’s atmosphere for the better.