Heads shorn as part of fundraiser for Director of Enrollment

Lauren Glase

By Kathy Deaver, John Carroll School

In honor of raising $21,500 for the “I’m 4 Eddie” campaign for Director of Enrollment Edward Maynard, social studies teacher Anthony Del Puppo and four male students shaved their heads after the Thanksgiving prayer service on Nov. 25th.

“It feels very cool, [as in] temperature cool,” Del Puppo said. “It’s like mint on my head.”

Maynard made the first cut. Alumnus Vince Salamone (’08) and current senior Gabby Kropff continued the job.

According to Del Puppo, his wife was the one who first suggested that he shave his head. The initial goal for the “I’m 4 Eddie” campaign was $5,000, but Del Puppo agreed to shave his head once the campaign reached $10,000. His hair has not been this short since 10th grade.

Four students–juniors Rob Flynn, Will Bolton, and Kurt Rawlings, and senior Christian Scott–also had their hair cut off. All of them have had long hair for over a year, some since middle and elementary school.

“We were willing to [cut it] for a good cause,” Rawlings, who’s had long hair since eighth grade, said. Scott, who’s had long hair since second grade, said it felt weird shaking his head.

A student from each class who had bought an “I’m 4 Eddie” bracelet was chosen at random to shave the boys’ heads.

Campus Ministers Gary Meyerl and Michelle Sullivan organized the prayer service that preceded the head shavings.

“The best part [was that] we knew it was coming and we were still riveted,” Meyer said. “I was so proud to be part of this community.”