Rocket siblings are good sports about playing, competing together


Natalie Queen

Sophomore Vince Incorvati looks on as his brother, senior Dom Incorvati, invites his girlfriend to Homecoming after scoring a goal at home.

By Raegan Collins, Streetsboro High School

Growing up, a lot of siblings have played sports together. While sometimes fun, and other times stressful, being teammates has helped them bond and build their relationships.

“It’s more fun being able to play with my sister… We know how to make each other feel comfortable on and off the field so I think it helps us feel more comfortable,” said senior Alyssa Schofield, who plays soccer with her sophomore sister, Lydia. In fact, they also play together on a club team.

“I feel like getting to play with each other has definitely helped build our relationship and helped us have less moments of fighting,” said Lydia Schofield.

Capturing a moment with Maisey Gauntner on Senior Night are freshman Meredyth Hajec and junior Maddy Hajec. (Danielle LaFlame)

Junior Maddy Hajec plays both volleyball and basketball with her freshman sister Meredyth Hajec. “I think it’s very fun to play with Mere even if we argue here and there…,” she said. “We are very supportive of each other and it’s nice to be able to talk with your sister about how you’re feeling.”

Senior Dom Incorvati said he and his sophomore brother Vince Incorvati interact with each other “all the time” during practices and games.

“We both get under each other’s skin sometimes and yell back and forth during tougher games,” he added.

“Alyssa and I interact a ton with each other during games and practices,” added Lydia Schofield.

And even though the Hajecs do not interact a whole lot during practice, they “talk all the time in the car and [we] pepper with each other before practice starts.”

Junior twins Kailyn and Kylan Rue both do track. “I interact with my sibling a lot in track because we are always cheering each other on and I’m always asking him something and always talking to him,” Kailyn Rue said. “I trust him and love him a lot,” she added.

Most siblings have been playing together for years.

“I have been playing soccer with Alyssa for as long as I can remember,” Lydia Schofield said.

The Schofield sisters and Incorvati brothers have been playing soccer together since they were all in Streetsboro United.

The Hajecs have played together since Parks and Rec leagues.

The Rues have run track together since seventh grade.

Years of playing and participating together have left these athletes with some fun memories.

“My favorite memory was easily during my junior year and Vince’s freshman year,” recalled Dom Incorvati. “That was the furthest the boys soccer team has made it in the playoffs and Vince played one of the best games I’ve seen him play against Gilmour Academy in the playoffs. He got subbed in early in the first half and had to man mark their best player the rest of the game and he just balled out on defense that game.”

Maddy Hajec said one of her favorite sports memories with her sister was playing on their sand volleyball team. “We always have a great time laughing and diving into the sand. Another memory was when Mere got to play her first Varsity game against Ravenna. It was just fun to play with her on the same court together.”

Alyssa Schofield recalled a recent memory with her sister and another teammate.  “This past season, we traveled to Cloverleaf knowing they were a really good team and we needed to play hard if we wanted to win. We had some opportunities but weren’t able to capitalize all game, until the very end. Within the last two minutes of the game…after Madz Genovese won the ball off of a punt [Lydia] shot the ball perfectly over the goalie’s head. I just remember being super happy for Lydia as we all ran for her to give her a big hug.”

Lydia Schofield, on the other hand, recalled her sister’s last home game of the regular season. “The first memory that comes to mind is Alyssa’s Senior Night,” she said. “Although it was probably the most recent memory, it is one of my favorites. I just remember feeling so proud of her and how far she had come. But I also felt really sad knowing that this was my last year getting to play with her.”

This story was originally published on The Orbiter on May 17, 2023.