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December 16, 2021

Jack Harlow pays surprise visit to Manual

On Thursday afternoon, during fourth block, Louisville’s favorite heartthrob and pop star, Jack Harlow, came to visit duPont Manual High School. 

Rumors started flying among students early Thursday morning that the rapper would come to Manual, as he was visiting other schools in JCPS. These schools included Atherton, where he went to high school, Fern Creek, Ballard, Waggener, Jeffersontown, and more. 

Harlow mostly stayed confined to the J&C and VA annexes for security purposes. 

Principal Dr. Michael Newman explained that the request to visit came from Harlow’s media team. “He had requested a very private, intimate visit where he was just going to visit a few classrooms and then depart so that he could move from school to school to school,” Dr. Newman said. 

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Students posted photos with Harlow then a frenzy struck the school with students trying to leave their classes to find the rapper. 

Some students such as Drew Ashley (9, YPAS) a self-proclaimed huge Jack Harlow fan, was disappointed that he was unable to see the singer. 

However, for students that were able to meet Harlow, it was a dream come true. 

“We were all just kind of anxiously awaiting him to come in and then Jack Harlow came in!” Emma Hicks (12, VA) said, who was in the VA annex and heard Harlow was coming around to classrooms.

Some of the lucky classes that were included in the visit were Mr. Michael Crain (English), Dr. Carrie Copalen (English) and Mr. Kristafer Abplanalp (J+C). Some members of the administration were also able to meet Harlow.

Noa Yussman (10, J+C) and Mali Bucher (10, J+C) with Harlow. (Photo courtesy of Noa Yussman)

Mia Leon (12, J&C) was in Abplanalp’s class when Harlow came. She explained that her class put a sign on the door that read “We have Western movies and popcorn Jack,” since they heard he was in the building. Yet, she said it felt unreal when he came into the class and interacted with them, offering to take pictures and chatting with the teacher and students.

“I told him to have a nice day and he said you too and then I just melted,” Leon said.

Noa Yussman (10, J&C) was also able to meet Harlow and described him as a sweet and genuine person. She and her friends were joking earlier in the day about what it would be like if he actually came to Manual, but was not expecting it.

“He came in and was very eager to meet all of us. Everyone went running to him and we were very excited. He stayed and talked for about 5 minutes and then left,” Yussman said.

Harlow’s new album Jackman. is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other music streaming services. 

This story was originally published on Manual RedEye on April 28, 2023.