For once, Danville wins first place

City voted Virginia's most boring


MarmadukePercy via Wikimedia

The Dan River in Danville, VA

By Tiffany Bowker, Tunstall High School

Having lived in both Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, I’m not too terribly surprised to see that Danville, VA was recently voted most boring place in the state by Movoto Insider. Movoto’s ranking criteria included things like nightlife, arts and entertainment, food options, and population density and demographics. Chesapeake (#6) and Suffolk (#4), although all trees and crime, cannot begin to touch the lack of excitement Danville has to offer.

Danville’s night life isn’t the greatest. Hampton Roads at least has the pleasure of blinking neon lights on every street corner. Here? If you want to have a little fun, maybe you could throw a flash mob in front of one of our apocalyptic-looking paper mills.

Other than country music, our city doesn’t have much variety when it comes to live concerts and festivals. Maybe if we could find someone like Pharrell Williams, who was born and raised in Virginia Beach, we too could be “Happy.”

As far as arts and entertainment, Danville’s list is a series of ones: one movie theatre, one bowling alley, one skating arena, one mall, one Wal-Mart….

Active life in Danville does have a few perks, like nature trails and Ballou Park. One just has to exercise long enough to find them.

In comparison to Virginia Beach, Danville has a wide variety of fast food options and decent restaurants. There are plenty of places to go: McDonald’s, Kickback’s, Habachi Grill. However, the sad fact remains that it took this city so many years to add a donut shop to the list.

No one can deny that downtown Danville doesn’t have some of the prettiest Victorian houses, but why is it that every road has shops boarded up on either side? I’ll admit, it’s better than tiny apartments stacked on top of each other, but it looks like a set off of Brad Pitt’s World War Z.

Thanks to the closing of the paper mills years ago, families scrambled to grab their things and flee to the nearest city for jobs (causing the population of young adults from 18-34 to plummet). Danville’s main problem is still unemployment. Let’s be honest, anyone can go to Sonic and get a cashier job, but what about giant corporations? Factories? Agencies? Because there are no jobs, no new hip attractions, and no fun places to go, Danville’s population is dwindling. See a pattern?

Sorry Danville, but until unemployment is fixed, this city will remain the most boring.

If this incredibly opinionated article does not sway you to believe that Danville is mind-numbingly dull, you have likely been born and raised here. Sorry to say this, but there’s a huge world out there past Danville’s city limits. Once you see it, maybe Danville’s faults will become crystal clear.