JACK AND JACK: a “famous” Vine duo

Wired caught up with the social media stars and Westside alums after their concert in Omaha


Aren Rendell

Westside graduates Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky sit down for an interview. The two famous viner's and musicians give Wired a tell all about their new and exciting life.

By Aren Rendell, Westside High School

As Power 106.9 disc jockey Hot Boy said Saturday, Dec. 20, “These two need no introduction.” Most Westside students — and 4.9 million people on Vine— would agree with that statement about Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson. And that Saturday night, 3,000 screaming fans agreed, too, as the pair took the stage at the Ralston Arena for their first concert in Omaha.

For those who have missed the buzz about Jack and Jack, as the duo is called, here’s a quick introduction: a little more than a year ago, the two were typical Westside seniors. But over the course of their final year at Westside, the two amassed first 10,000, then 50,000 and eventually millions of followers on Vine thanks to their comedic six-second videos. Soon, they began releasing singles on iTunes, breaking into the iTunes top 100 before the end of last school year. And after graduating in May, the two moved out to Los Angeles, where they currently live with each other and their videographer Andre Ladon, to create more music and social media content.

And with nearly 2 million Twitter and Instagram followers apiece and 10 singles released on iTunes to go with their 4.9 million Vine followers, the two brought their talents back home for the concert, which was attended by both friends and fans.

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