Waldman places student entrepreneurs in the spotlight

Dan Yoo

Fashion design is only one of the many student talents at PHS.

By Dan Waldman

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SNO launched the PHS Pipeline website less than a week ago; today, they’re already sending submissions to Best of SNO. If there was a badge for speedy turnaround, we know who we’d give it to! The news staff isn’t the only motivated group at Pikesville High School, either. Some students there are already pursuing careers in the fields they love: fashion, music, computers. Dan Waldman gives them the star treatment in these three profiles.

Every morning, Dan Yoo (’15) plans his outfit carefully, choosing clothes that express his current mood. Mixing colors, textures and styles, Yoo searches for the right combination of clothes to wear.

In eighth grade, Yoo started his own clothing design company. He discovered his passion for fashion when he came up with ideas for outfits and sketched them with friends. Yoo continued to play with outfits through middle school, and decided to expand his business.

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Baraq Harrison (’15) walks home from school every day, thinking about the next melody he will produce. After getting a snack and finishing his homework, he works on his music for six hours every night. At around 1:30 a.m., Harrison turns off his computer and tries to go to sleep, but he cannot stop thinking about his next melody.

“I get home from school and start my homework first, because if I go on the computer to make music I will be doing that all day,” Harrison said. Harrison started producing electronic dance music, or EDM, in eighth grade.

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Jacob Meltzer taught himself how to program websites using HTML and CSS styling, PHP, JavaScript and jQuery. Starting with HTML and CSS, Meltzer practiced building basic websites using information from the internet. “I did a lot of reading online and experimenting,” Meltzer said. “First I would just look at colors…over time I learned that I could do a lot more.”

Both local and international businesses now contact the 17-year-old Meltzer to help them create their websites, but balancing school and his business proves to be difficult. Meltzer still spends time applying to colleges and keeping up with his homework, so he has started working as a consultant for companies.

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