Flag football team strives to #GetBack

Flag football team strives to #GetBack

By Michelle Santacreu and Isabel Hanewicz

Here’s some coverage of a sport you don’t hear about too often: girls’ flag football. From Isabel Hanewicz and Michelle Santacreu:

Unlike most high school soccer, volleyball or basketball teams, flag football isn’t a sport people have been playing since they were young. With flag, everyone starts with the same knowledge of the game – zero, which means no one is expected to be great at first.

This also means getting girls to show up for flag is hard. [Coach] Saunders jokingly calls himself a bit of a ‘stalker.’ If he sees someone he thinks could be good, he introduces himself, tells them about the team.

You’re probably going to be awful the first time you come out, he tells the ones he talks to, but I’ll tell you if flag is worth your time or not.

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