Shop at Walmart: save money, live… classier?

Clare Strickland

Columnist Mark Mshooshian poses with his Walmart shopping bag.

By Mark Mshooshian

Every time that I walk into a Walmart wearing my $13.99 Wrangler jeans, I am welcomed with the bright white fluorescent lights that resemble a surgical room, blue labels hanging from ceilings giving organization for my every desire, and prices that no other retailer can beat. What could be better?

Walmart takes plenty of flak, especially when there are so-called classier stores like Target just across the street. What I can’t wrap my head around is the lack of respect that is directed towards a Walmart shopper for his or her choices in purchases.


Walmart is full of all walks of life, and it’s a melting pot for shoppers to unite and save a little bit of money.”

Any item that you can purchase or conceivably imagine from a variety of stores, Walmart carries: gadgets, pet supplies, holiday decorations, groceries, clothing, and seemingly ridiculous and unnecessary items such as Duck Dynasty “role playing beards” or campfire color-changing powder. What more could one ask for? All of life’s essentials are offered in one blue-themed superpower that collectively employs almost as many people as our military.

Walmart obviously has the lowest prices. It has the secret weapon that is price matching. As long as you can find an ad (even on a smartphone) offering a lower price elsewhere, Walmart will lower theirs.

As a consumer I do not support the unequal wages between men and women, nor do I agree with poor business practices that I learned of through reading the book The Wal-Mart Effect. I don’t like it one bit, but unfortunately it is the world that we live in. Americans desire products sold at large corporate markets in which items are inexpensive. In those types of businesses, people are bound to be mistreated. I, for one, respect anybody willing to work for such a large corporation and anyone willing to put in time to move up the ranks, especially at Walmart.

I’m sure many people have seen emails filled with pictures of “typical Walmart shoppers” with their leopard print sweatpants hanging at the butt crack where a plumber might wear his Wrangler jeans. As a Walmart shopper, I personally get a kick out of those pictures. Walmart is full of all walks of life, and it’s a melting pot for shoppers to unite and save a little bit of money.

Give it a chance. Just try to see the wonderful world of savings at Walmart; you might like how your pockets stay full of hard-earned money. And if not, that’s fine – more Wranglers and Duck Dynasty beards for me.