Nacoste speaks on ‘neodiversity’, new American dream


Selina Pi

Dr. Nacoste speaks at AMHS Convocation

By Selina Pi

Dr. Rupert Nacoste, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at North Carolina State University, spoke to students at Academic Magnet High School. Here’s a story from The Talon writer Selina Pi that captures the essence of his speech.

“No man is an island,” Dr. Rupert Nacoste, Academic Magnet High School’s 2015 convocation speaker, spoke as he headed towards the center of the Rose Maree Myers stage. Today, he taught AMHS students and teachers lessons about changing perceptions of diversity and social interaction in America and abroad.

Nacoste reflected on his experiences growing up in the Jim Crow South. His eyes widened as he emphasized that segregation was law-enforced. Violent race riots, such as one he experienced himself in 1973 while serving on the USS Intrepid, reflected racial tensions.

“How have things changed?” he asked the student body. High schoolers responded: Integration, Civil Rights, a black president. One exclaimed, “We’re here right now!”

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