Embarrassing anachronism or timeless tradition?

Debating the Indian as Manchester High School's mascot


Provided by Manchester High School

Manchester High School's Freshman Wing Entrance with Mascot

By Kaitlin Maloney

Here’s a great article from the MHS Redline that explores the pros and cons of a hotly debated topic: the American Indian mascot. Writer Kaitlin Maloney does a great job of staying unbiased while looking at all sides of the issue.

To some, the Indian mascot is an integral representation of bravery, a timeless representation of Manchester High School’s fighting spirit. To others, the mascot is an embarrassing anachronism, a reminder of the damaging stereotypes attributed to Native Americans since settlers arrived in North America in 1492.

The debate surrounding the use of Native American mascots has been in the news recently, with West Hartford residents debating the use of the Native American-related mascots by the town’s two high schools. About 300 people attended a forum last month, with residents speaking for and against the use of Warriors for Hall High and Chieftains for Conard High. The West Hartford schools are among 23 in Connecticut with Native American-related mascots and they are just the latest to consider a change.

Could  a similar movement happen at Manchester High?


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