Engineering club builds interest


Stephen Baxendale

Juniors Joe Peetz (left) and Adam Craig (right) work on an Engineering Club contest for Boeing.

By Drew Brown

Earlier this year, students formed a new engineering club. Already 40 members strong, the club has had the unique opportunity to explore and learn at a variety of different facilities such as Nestle Purina, Washington University and Boeing.

At each of these locations, students were exposed to immense amounts of new knowledge about the engineering field. These experiences help the students learn about a variety of engineering fields.

“It really helped me decide what kind of engineer I want to be and what I should be expecting [from a job in that field],” said Harrison Jewell, one of the founding members.

The club visited the Ameren power plant on Jan. 30 and observed how the plant operates. They learned that Ameren converts gas produced by landfills into electricity.

Club members have the chance to speak with engineers and learn about what kind of schooling a career in engineering demands. Some students might think that pursuing an engineering degree and job is all about math and science, but, as many have discovered, good engineers are expected to be able to do a lot more.

Mr. Joseph Feld, the moderator of the engineering club, hopes students realize that engineers need proficient writing techniques as well as people skills.

The engineering club is also preparing for the Boeing Engineering Challenge. For the competition, the club has to create a glider that will be judged based on the straightness of the flight, duration of time in the air and distance flown. The club must then present their glider plans to engineers from Boeing.

Despite being a new group, the engineering club has already provided unique experiences for students, and been an active force in and out of school.