Locle school convinces school bored to bann grammer

Locle school convinces school bored to bann grammer

By Rachel Hayes

Meny studants at Tunstall high School and schools all over the whole entire world may argue that the grammer that they are forced to take at school is absolutely obsurd!

The English classes enforcing said grammer lessons and stuff unfortunately takes precious time away from important classes such as art and drama. Propper grammatical talking isn’t nearly as important as being able to paint a wall or successfully being able to make people think you are a complete loonatic. Grammer sucks.

It won’t never get you nowhere in life. No one realy cares. Teenagers these days do not want to here about how some weird old poets used to talk. The world is constantly changing. Now a days, the main and best resource of communicashun is texting. What better way to talk to everyone than with our tecknologee????

Krystal Owusu, junior, states “We should use text language instead of proper grammer because it’s easier to understand and quick to write.” I agree 100%! I mean, its so much freakin’ faster! Like, instead of saying “Oh my gosh, what in the world is she wearing?” we could just tipe “OMGWITWISW?” It’s a lot more easier to just use text language and acronyms to help improve speed.

Trying to perfect and pollish the English language is a compleet waist of time.”

Also, to keep kids and there languages up to date we must enclude there fun new lingo. Adding the popular slang words such as “whatevs”, “thot”, “turnt”, “turn up”, “cuz”, “fam”, and one of the most popular “swag”, will help keep these new generations literararily smart sounding.

Abrievaitions in the texting world such as “Plz” instead and “please” and “RUOK?” instead of “Are you okay?” Considering English is just a giant combinasion of alot of other languages, why not keep adding and editing the language to fit each new generation. This will sherly confirm to grasp students attention and care about school classes.

Tunstall high School student, Joel Johnson, claims “Grammar teaches you how to use the right words, but if people understand you anyways who cares?” This statement is very true.

One subject that comes to mind is the correct use and placement of commas… WHO CARES WHERE YOU PUT THE COMMA? For example, saying” Let’s eat grandpa” is the exact same as saying “Let’s eat, grandpa”. That little mark that looks like you sneezed while righting is completely pointless.

Junior Trevor Mensavage adds, “All the other animals don’t use it, why do we have to?”

Exactly! Our intelecktual level is already so superiar, we don’t need to push it any farther. Overall, trying to perfect and pollish the English language is a compleet waist of time. Grammer and anything related to it at all should be banashed from any and all school sistems. It’s such a waist of evereeones time from students haveing to lern it to the teachers haveing to grade it. We as citizens of these United States should unite to bannn grammer and all of it’s english cousins from all skools perminately.