Professionals discuss careers with students


By Erina Loupos

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is one of the most common questions that kids get asked throughout their school years.

While some have dream careers, many students are unsure about what they would like to pursue in the future. On March 19, Regina Dominican hosted Career Day. This special day takes place every other year and is coordinated by the Student Services Department.

Dr. Caine and Ms. Horne, along with a Career Day committee, invite alumni, parents, and other professionals to discuss their careers with Regina students. This year, over 40 professionals visited Regina Dominican for Career Day.

Professionals talked to Reginites about various careers in order to help Reginites discover possible career goals. Each Advisory traveled to eight classrooms throughout the day and heard from a variety of professional women.

Janet Davies, ABC 7 reporter, was this year’s keynote speaker. Davies has won multiple Emmy awards for her program 190 North. She is the co-anchor of ABC 7’s Morning News. She has traveled the world and brought to her viewers segments featuring a variety of important people and topics.

During her keynote speech, Davies discussed effective ways to set goals and achieve dreams. She said some of her female inspirations were Malala Yousafzai, Lady Gaga, and Tina Fey.

While each Advisory saw a considerable array of careers, many of the visitors gave similar advice that Davies had presented: to keep an open mind when deciding one’s future. Many of the women did not originally plan to pursue the careers they now have; however, they followed through on opportunities and took risks and are now in a career they enjoy. All the professionals stressed working hard and following one’s passions.

Career Day is a great way to learn what kinds of possibilities there are for the future. As Regina Dominican is a college prep high school, professional advice is even more important in helping students plan for college and choose careers for their futures.