Clinton declares candidacy for 2016 election


By Claire Dinshaw

Hillary Rodham Clinton is now, officially, running for president. Her announcement puts an end to the widespread speculation regarding a potential 2016 presidential bid which began in 2012.

Clinton declared her candidacy on Sunday, April 12th through a pre-taped video which was posted on her website. The video included a series of short interviews in which people shared the ways their lives would change in 2015. One woman discussed her impending retirement, while another young mother announced she was pregnant. Clinton came on at the end to share the way her life would change in 2015, declaring simply, “I’m running for president.”

She then continued saying, “Every day Americans need a champion and I want to be that champion.”

Lehigh Appleby, the communications director for the Connecticut Democrats, declined to comment specifically about Clinton’s announcement since it is still early in the primary process. But she did say that the Connecticut Democrats “will work hard to make sure the Democratic nominee is elected as the next president of the United States.”

Clinton’s announcement marks the beginning of a campaign that is expected to span two years and has already raised millions of dollars.

Clinton herself has over 22 years of experience, and she has already inspired a large amount of confidence among her Democratic base.

“For most Democrats across the country hoping to see their party take the White House in 2016, I don’t believe there is any other candidate who is as sufficiently prepared as Hillary Clinton,” Christopher Mckinney ’14, former member of the Staples Young Democrats, said.

But Clinton’s experience and popularity come with a problem: she has a lot of political skeletons in her closet.

“Her opponents have a lot to use against her,” Max Kaplan ’17, a member of Staples Young Democrats said, “not just recent things like the email scandal or Benghazi but things from when she was First Lady as well.”

Nancy DiNardo, Vice Chairman of the Connecticut Democrats, speaking for herself and not the Connecticut Democrats, said that despite these setbacks she is confident that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

Republicans Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have both made public their candidacy. Republican Marco Rubio is set to make it official this coming Monday, April 13th. Many more are expected to make their candidacy official in the coming weeks.

With Clinton’s official announcement, the political games have truly begun.