Twins make working out a career


Working out is not just a hobby for these 21-year old twins.

By Morgan Collier

For most young adults, working out is simply a hobby. Many may enjoy winding down with a long run after a hectic day or lift weights to relieve stress. For 21-year old twins Danielle and Deanna Inzano, it’s a different story. At a young age, they have already managed to turn their love of working out into a career.

According to the twins, it all started about a year and a half ago, when a friend asked if they would help model some Nike gear. He then took a picture and posted it to his fitness-related Twitter account.

“We were getting so much positive feedback,” Danielle said. “We gained a couple thousand followers and then bigger accounts would retweet or repost [our pictures].”

With the twins’ newfound publicity, they became even more motivated and the gym started to become a second home.

“Girls everywhere started asking us what we did to look the way we do,” Danielle said.

As the two have promoted their efforts to work out and inspire other people through networking, they have been signed to a contract for Ape Athletics.


Not a lot of 21 year-olds can say they’re sponsored by a clothing company with a salary.”

— Deanna Inzano

“We kind of look to the guy who runs it as our mentor because he really did push us to where we are,” Deanna said. “Getting paid to wear clothes – it doesn’t get much better than that.”

The girls believe that being sponsored by Ape Athletics is a benefit in itself, from receiving free clothes to having a ‘family’ always there to support them.

“(We) get to be represented by a fantastic brand,” Danielle said. “We have our own little Ape family that can help with any workout questions and help motivate each other.”

Many people wonder how the twins accomplish the goals they have set for themselves with such a busy schedule. They start off a normal weekday with school until 2 p.m. They are studying business management at Florida Gulf Coast University. After that, they grab lunch and go to the gym until 5 p.m. They also spend their weekends working as part-time hostesses at a restaurant.

In addition to the money that comes in from Ape Athletics, the sisters also sell their own fitness merchandise. Although they may not have many products available just yet, they manage to sell a good bit and put 90 percent of their profits into savings.

“Not a lot of 21 year-olds can say they’re sponsored by a clothing company with a salary, but compared to what we can really do, it’s just the start,” Deanna said.

The twins hope that in the future, they will be able to own their own gym or start a clothing line. With their merchandise business already in the picture, they are stepping closer to their future goal. Next, they are planning to release a fitness starter guide that will include meal tips for people.

“We’re not professionals,” Deanna said. “I think that’s what makes us different. We’re real people with real results that we just want to share with the world.”

According to Danielle, she never really knew what she wanted to do as a career until she and her sister started down this path. “To finally find something I’m good at, and to be able to do what I love as a career, is the greatest reward.”