Scholar, singer, and softball star

Meet hardworking senior Caroline Rice

Scholar, singer, and softball star

Rice concentrates during a game

By Christina Davenport

Multitalented and hardworking senior, Caroline Rice, combines rigorous courses with amazing athletic performance in softball, as well as singing and donating her time to church events.

Rice is currently enrolled in a total of four AP classes, including Government & Economics, Calculus, Literature, and Psychology. She is also taking physics. On top of all this, Rice has softball every sixth period, usually getting home around 6:00pm every night to start her homework.

How does she do this? Through determination and hard work, claim all of Rice’s peers, including her teammates in softball. She never gives up.

Starting at the young age of four, the experienced Rice has been on varsity throughout all four years of her high school education and will be the starting baseman this year.

“I’ve played varsity all four years of high school, so the seniors on the team are extremely close, and getting to know them and become friends with them has been one of my favorite parts of high school,” says Rice. Also, she claims her coaches have taught her much about herself as an athlete and competitor.

“They have ingrained the ideals of courage, strength, durability, and relentlessness into all their athletes, and I know it has prepared me for playing in college, as well,” she says.

Although Rice admits that her schedule is a handful, she is excited that she has been accepted to the college of her choice, Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. “I’m not sure what I’ll study yet, but I’m excited to go on an adventure, explore different areas, and study abroad,” she says.

Apart from her outstanding academic and athletic achievements, Rice has also donated her time and talent to help her church, River 47, thrive. She always participates in any productions that the church has planned, such as an annual Christmas play, fundraising events, and singing on Sundays as a member of the worship team.

She is also always willing to contribute her efforts to charity work with the church, such as visiting homes for the elderly, volunteering in homeless shelters, and much more.

Not only does Rice have incredible abilities, she has drive and a kind heart, making her one of El Mo’ most outstanding students. Talented, strong, and dedicated, Rice is truly extraordinary and remains an inspiration to everyone who knows her.