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Review: Sasha Sloan’s ‘Loser’ breaks stigma around discussing mental health
Arts & Entertainment

Emma London | January 10, 2019

Growing up in a society that has the tendency to sweep mental health issues under the rug, Sasha Sloan’s extended player [EP] “Loser” is a refreshing reminder that we are not alone in our sadness.

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On the water: Junior Charley Griffiths participates in crew as coxswain, learns life lessons

Molly Goldberg | December 20, 2018

After school each day, while other Archer athletes head to the courts and the fields for hours of sports practice, junior Charley Griffiths heads to Marina del Rey.

Griffiths is a coxswain on The Marina…

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Column: Complexity of colorism in Latinx community

Celeste Ramirez | December 20, 2018

As I sat down to write this column, I only had the broad idea that it would be about colorism, and I found myself feeling hesitant, even guilty. I mean, just take one look at me and you can tell that I…

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Head of School Elizabeth English announces upcoming departure, reflects upon time at Archer

Anna Brodsky | October 16, 2018

An email arrived in every Archer community member’s inbox on August 27 bearing the news that Head of School Elizabeth English will conclude her tenure at Archer and become Head of School at the National…

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Review: King Princess’ ‘Make My Bed’ reveals musical voice for future
Arts & Entertainment

Lola Lamberg | October 15, 2018

From Elton John coming out as gay in 1988 to George Michael publicly acknowledging his sexuality in the 1980s, musicians have made positive strides in the representation of the LGBTQ+ community for decades….

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No NOLS for now: 11th Grade Arrow Week rescheduled due to Pacific Northwest fires

Ella Frey | October 5, 2018

With summer break nearing an end, 11th grade students planned to trade flip flops and towels for hiking boots and warm layers. However, fires in the Pacific Northwest [PNW] prevented students from embarking…

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