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Everything You Need to Know About the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Sofia Guerra | November 3, 2020

What is the Electoral College?
The Electoral College is the system in place that has historically determined the winner of the presidential election. In total, there are 538 electoral votes, divided among…

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The Death of the GOP

Parker Briggs | November 3, 2020

Let’s face it; the Republican Party is in trouble. Regardless of this election’s outcome, the future does not look good for the party of Lincoln. With baby boomers comprising the majority of its voter…

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Coronavirus Impacts Annie Wright Community

YoungSeo Jo | March 9, 2020

Annie Wright Schools are impacted in numerous ways by the implications of the COVID-19 coronavirus. With 113 Upper School students living in the dorms, several of whom are international students from mainland…

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Tacoma’s landmark church in crisis

Parker Briggs | November 25, 2019

Two prominent points define the skyline of Tacoma: Mount Rainier, of course, and the spire of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church on South Tacoma Avenue. While the height difference between the two is over…

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