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$1.2 million gets you into Yale? Students aren’t surprised
Admissions Scandal

Noah Raaum | March 20, 2019

Students at St. Paul Academy and Summit School are all too familiar with the many facets of a college application: test scores, academic records, references and essays. None of these, however, guarantee…

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Students show growing dismay after month-long government shutdown
The Shutdown

Noah Raaum | January 31, 2019

One month in
Martin Luther King Jr. Day—a day of celebration, service and progress—marked the 32nd of the longest government shutdown in United States history. Over the course of a month, numerous…

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A day in the life: Donovan makes time for skiing

Melissa Nie | January 3, 2019

An avid skier since age three, senior Bailey Donovan’s schedule during the ski season is a busy one.

Donovan is on the Alpine team as well as the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, or the USSA. She…

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Mimi Geller | December 20, 2018

On the eve of the Pops 2018 Concert, students from band, orchestra and choir took to the Huss Stage to rehearse the show’s grand finale. The Pops Concert is a free event that will take place Dec. 7-8 starting…

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Brooks seeks to inspire by completing Ph.D.

Ellie Nowakowski | December 3, 2018

US librarian Kate Brooks is proving that the difference between an academic librarian with and without a Ph.D. in German lies in the experience. Brooks began to work towards her Ph.D. in 2000 when she…

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Lizzie Kristal | October 31, 2018

It was kindergarten at Saint Paul Academy and Summit School, and the day was my favorite day out of the whole year: Halloween. In class we had a huge celebration. We played games, ate candy corn, and best…

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Civic duties must be accessible to students

Lucy Sandeen | October 11, 2018

An effective democracy relies on its citizens’ civic participation, especially that of its young population. Voter participation primarily relies on registration rates. On Aug. 8, the St. Paul City Council…

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Therien rocks the stock market

Noah Raaum | October 5, 2018

The daily fluctuation of arrows, points, and symbols on a stock ticker in the heart of Wall Street is of no concern to high schoolers. They should put their attention towards summer jobs: perhaps scooping…

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Larsen connects with voters as a congressional candidate intern

Chloe Morse | October 1, 2018

What combines a competitive congressional race, personal connections, and advocating for what you believe in? For senior Kaia Larsen, the answer is an internship with the Angie Craig campaign.

At the…

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