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Finding Her Voice

Ava Albracht | November 10, 2020

Even though COVID-19 has impaired her ability to do a lot of the canvassing involved in being a campaign volunteer, senior Rajitha Velakaturi has worked hard through this election to spread information…

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Closing the Curtain on Performative Activism

Avery Brundige | September 18, 2020

On the morning of Tuesday, June 2, the world awoke to a social media storm of black squares. These posts, mostly captioned #blackouttuesday, also began to flood the #blacklivesmatter hashtag, effectively…

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COVID-19 Isn’t Racist, but America Systematically Is

Kamryn Rogers | April 15, 2020

Fifty percent of people testing positive for coronavirus in Kansas City are black, although they only make up 30% of the population. This is following the national pattern, as 40% of all COVID-19 deaths…

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I Challenge You…

Kate Vankeirsbilck | March 30, 2020

With COVID-19 pushing many into self-quarantine and social distancing, new Instagram challenges are emerging each day.

Celebrities and students are joining in on the see a pup send a pup challenge,…

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An Economic Epidemic

Maggie McKinney | March 3, 2020

The World Health Organization declared the newest coronavirus, COVID-19, a “public health emergency of international concern.” But the virus is not simply a global health concern—it is a global…

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It’s Time to Right Our Wrongs

Maleah Downton | February 21, 2020

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas announced at his first State of the City address Wednesday, Feb. 12 that he will begin the process of offering pardons to those who’ve received municipal violations for…

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Mercy in the Face of Injustice
Arts & Entertainment

Maleah Downton | February 20, 2020

“Mercy is just when it is rooted in hopefulness and freely given,” activist lawyer Bryan Stevenson wrote in his New York Times Bestselling memoir “Just Mercy.”

Adapted to film by director Destin…

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The Kingdom Reigns

Catherine Crayon | February 10, 2020

With the weather at a crisp 27 degrees, an estimated 1 million Kansas City Chiefs fans crowded the downtown area Feb. 5 for a parade in celebration of winning Super Bowl LIV 31-20 against the San Francisco…

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