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Students, parents and faculty express concern over sample elementary schedule

Lauren Teller | May 17, 2019

The Sioux Falls School District (SFSD)  is facing widespread community backlash over a sample elementary school schedule that would cut fine arts and P.E. instructional time by 25 percent.

The plan…

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From project to premiere: “Changing Fate”
Arts & Entertainment

Yairis Alvarado | March 28, 2019

“This was a school project that we just went above and beyond for,” said Mackenzie Kortus, a freshman, who with her friend, freshman Hal Lam, produced and released a 58-minute film.


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Study, practice and dedication: what it takes to be in a band
Arts & Entertainment

Xander Donahue | February 15, 2019

Being in a rock band sounds like it would be pretty fun. But how easy would it be to dedicate time to playing music with a group while also keeping up with school? Some people, like LHS senior Sydney…

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A young beekeeper

Genna Sheriff | February 11, 2019

As teenagers, we join clubs, work, play sports and volunteer, all while trying to stay on top of our school work. Amongst all of this, it can be hard to find what we are passionate about. For junior Joseph…

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To all those who vote

Johnathan Smith | February 5, 2019

Student council elections are coming up, with campaign posters starting to overwhelm the halls of LHS and hopeful candidates making their case to serve as student body representatives.

Over the past…

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‘Vice’: a different kind of movie
Arts & Entertainment

Xander Donahue | January 17, 2019

Director Adam Mckay’s new film “Vice” is by far one of the most interesting, weirdest films of 2018. Christian Bale and co-stars Amy Adams and Steve Carell transport viewers to an eerily familiar…

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The quest to reveal the chest

Will Howes | November 29, 2018

Over the past few weeks, LHS XC runners have become increasingly agitated over the enforcement of a policy mandating athletes wear shirts during practice. Perhaps even more frustrating is the labyrinth…

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‘Honey’: Robyn makes a sweet comeback
Arts & Entertainment

Timothy Stolp | November 14, 2018

Eight years since her last solo album, Robyn reclaims her place in the world of underground, melancholic dance pop: the throne.

With a considerably foreground reputation, Robyn’s fascination with…

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Trump’s visit to Sioux Falls proves beneficial for all parties
Midterm Elections

Genna Sheriff | November 8, 2018

When news hit Sioux Falls that President Donald Trump was coming to town, people on both sides of the political spectrum were not afraid to share their reactions. Some were ecstatic and longed for an invite…

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