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More than just yellow shirts

Brantley Jenkins | September 27, 2019

On Tuesday, September 10, 2019, waves of orange and yellow flood the hallways of South Forsyth High School. The students and faculty band together in unity to fight against an illness that targets ecumenically….

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Trends of academic dishonesty in South Forsyth

Lauren Holiday | March 20, 2019

It’s been a long, rough year for just about any student who has to multitask their lives. Jobs, family, extracurriculars, and preparing for colleges all alongside having to worry about grades in classes…

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Affecting the masses: South Forsyth families and how they deal with the government shutdown
The Shutdown

Kate Haas | January 28, 2019

Since December 27th, the United States government has been in a government shutdown, leaving thousands of government employees unpaid but still required to go to work. Employees have now missed two paychecks,…

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Rising to the top: Student athlete Makenna Segal

Kayleigh Emberton | January 28, 2019

Spectators watch with their breaths held as south slugger Makenna Segal steps up to the plate. The pitcher wipes her forehead and reads the sign from the catcher. She starts to wind up and the ball seems…

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Thanksgiving made easy with Culinary students
Arts & Entertainment

Alyssa Freyman | December 21, 2018

People wake up in the early hours of Nov. 22, preparing for the tolling day ahead of them. They work tirelessly, making sure the perfect Thanksgiving feast is prepared for their family. The turkey, beloved…

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Helping Hands flood Florida

Sierra Wamsley | December 21, 2018

Destruction. As far as the eye can see, trees are down, houses are thrown across the street. Through it all, communities unite, lifting each other up after the category 4 hurricane whipped across the Panhandle.


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Reflecting on the California wildfire crisis
California Fires

Shreya Mishra | December 19, 2018

He feels a peculiar smell tingle his senses, and he remains confused for a few moments. However, he remembers the conversations he had a few hours back, and he is instantly nervous. He quickly jumps upon…

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