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Thanksgiving made easy with Culinary students
Arts & Entertainment

Alyssa Freyman | December 21, 2018

People wake up in the early hours of Nov. 22, preparing for the tolling day ahead of them. They work tirelessly, making sure the perfect Thanksgiving feast is prepared for their family. The turkey, beloved…

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Helping Hands flood Florida

Sierra Wamsley | December 21, 2018

Destruction. As far as the eye can see, trees are down, houses are thrown across the street. Through it all, communities unite, lifting each other up after the category 4 hurricane whipped across the Panhandle.


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Reflecting on the California wildfire crisis
California Fires

Shreya Mishra | December 19, 2018

He feels a peculiar smell tingle his senses, and he remains confused for a few moments. However, he remembers the conversations he had a few hours back, and he is instantly nervous. He quickly jumps upon…

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