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Securing Our Future

Jaydin Webb | January 30, 2019

When you returned from Thanksgiving break, you may have noticed a change in the way you enter the front of the high school. Once you walk through the main double doors, you see thick metal…

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EHS speaks out: Election day
Midterm Elections

Jaydin Webb | November 27, 2018

Students Speak: New Colorado Governor

Tuesday’s election broke records and brought change. Here in Colorado, voters elected a new governor, turned down new funding for education, and didn’t approve…

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A fighting spirit: The story of Victor Alfaro Jr.

Jaydin Webb | October 17, 2018

All of our students here at EHS have something to offer, but there are some who show strength far beyond their years. This is a story of a very special student who once walked the halls of Englewood High…

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First day of school

Pirateer Staff | October 17, 2018

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