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Longest Government Shutdown in U.S History
The Shutdown

Tonia Bloomingberg | February 8, 2019

Throughout the nation, January brought an abounding amount of stress to federal employees and contractors. Over 1.8 million Americans were denied pay and left out of work, 1 million of which are contractors…

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Migrant Caravan: A Student Perspective

Trinity Donnelly | January 11, 2019

A Heated Debate
The migrant caravan that recently arrived at the US border has sparked many debates in recent weeks. This migrant caravan consists of people who claim to be fleeing the poverty and violence…

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Tyler Grosvenor Wins National Photo Contest
Arts & Entertainment

Enrique Paz | January 10, 2019

Yearbook Photo Editor Wins 1st Place

Yesterday on Nov. 15, Balfour Publishing posted their Fall 2018 Photo Shoot Contest results. Klein Cain Yearbook’s very own Photo Editor,┬áTyler Grosvenor received…

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