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The Ups and Downs of Zoom Culture

Ilena M. | April 15, 2021

March of 2020’s global lockdowns forced the world through a sudden and drastic online learning curve. Following the closures of schools, businesses, and restaurants worldwide, the world hurried to fill…

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Share their Views or Remain Neutral? The Difficulties of Navigating Politics for Teachers

Katie S. | April 13, 2021

It was near the end of Westridge’s Modern Middle East class when some students began clicking the leave button to exit the Teams meeting. They had just finished watching a movie and were about to head…

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Westridge comes together after alumna hurls anti-Asian slurs

Katie S. | March 17, 2021

A video was recently posted online that depicted a Westridge alumna hurling anti-Asian slurs. The video, which circulated quickly online, was first posted on the Nextdoor app on Wednesday, and then spread…

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