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Stories from Kings High School
Anti-racism: from resolution to action

Abby MacNeil | October 29, 2020

I (a POC) was walking to class on my first day in the school after moving into the area and didn’t know what room my class was in, or even what floor. I wasn’t close to anybody in the school and was…

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Stop telling girls to smile

Kayla Estrada | October 14, 2020

In the 7th grade I began to contemplate what it truly means to be a girl in this world. Confused by provocative gestures and angered by insignificant rumors, walks home from school became solitude, my…

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New mothers face isolation challenges amidst COVID19

Kayla Estrada | May 22, 2020

Lisa DeBord felt blessed to have her husband with her the whole time during the delivery of her third child on April 3. The hard part came afterward when no one was allowed to visit.

“No one was…

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Closed: Teachers and Administrators sort out the logistics of a mandatory spring break

Lexi Hackney | March 16, 2020

On Thursday, March 12, Ohio Governor Mike Dewine announced that all schools K-12 will have an extended three week spring break. All gatherings of 100 people or more are prohibited.

Most Ohio universities…

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Cultural appropriation: no one wants to talk about it

Kayla Estrada | January 14, 2020

Timothy Hicks’s AP Language and Composition wrestles with philosophy, the American dream, and systematic oppression. Hicks talks about these topics in such a way that no student feels uncomfortable….

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