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Stories from Pattonville High School
The Hidden Battle

Elise Banks | February 8, 2021

After a heavy loss against a rival JV volleyball team, and just overall not a great day for me mentally, I decided to go the bathroom to pull myself together and calm myself down. While rinsing my face…

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What if you were the top of your class?

Imani Warren | January 3, 2019

For some, school may be something to cope with. A place you go because you have to, but for sophomores Grace Ohlsen and Jordyn Lodes, school is a place they go to succeed. These two students are at the…

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Alumni return to teach at the high school

Ava Woods | January 3, 2019

Since 1933, Pattonville High School has been making changes to their district to make it a better learning place for its students. The changes ranged from remodeling the school physically to changing the…

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