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Stories from Taylor Allderdice High School
The True History of Thanksgiving and Why You Should Reconsider How You Celebrate

Bella Crum | November 24, 2020

The smell of a roasting turkey, dinner with family, and the all too familiar viewing of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: this is what most Americans envision for their plans on every fourth Thursday in November….

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Virtual School Heightens Inequities for ESL Students

Abigail Segel | November 19, 2020

As the pandemic has forced school to move from Shady Avenue to hundreds of computer screens, all Allderdice students have had to adjust to online learning. Most of them, however, have not had the challenge…

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It Is Time to Bridge the Gap Between Pittsburgh’s Black and Jewish Communities.

Chloe Werner | November 19, 2020

For myself and the vast majority of both Jewish and non-Jewish students at Allderdice, October 27 will never again be a normal day. On October 27, 2018, Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life (TOL) synagogue witnessed…

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