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Latin Alumni Call Older Alumni to Combat Loneliness

Akshay Garapati | October 21, 2020

After graduating from Latin in 2017, Connor Kaniewski looked for a way to give back to the Latin community. He learned that sometimes all it takes is a simple phone call.

This act has proven invaluable…

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Potential False-Positive Tests Thwart Athletics

Peter Jones | September 17, 2020

Note: the names of the students in this article who tested positive for COVID-19 are kept anonymous for reasons associated with Latin’s nondisclosure policy on private health information.

Ever since…

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Mr. Kanai Arrested, Held in Jail for Standing Up

Peter Jones | June 3, 2020

When Chicago protestors shattered the eerie quiet of the pandemic last weekend with cries for basic human rights, police responded with riot shields. The shields appeared to create a symbolic divide between…

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Biden Assault Allegations Reveal Hypocrisy

Nina Burik | May 11, 2020

“For a woman to come to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real.” Presidential…

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Latin Parents Combat COVID-19

Marianne Mihas | May 1, 2020

Many of the hard-working parents in Latin’s community are doctors who are currently being called upon to treat patients who have contracted COVID-19. Not only do these parents risk their own health and…

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Service Organizations Face Unique Threat

Peter Jones | April 20, 2020

A six o’clock drive past Asian Youth Services—an after-school tutoring center founded to provide instruction and food to the children of Southeast Asian refugees—revealed a desolate scene. A look…

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Censorship In Our Peer Newspapers

Peter Jones | March 27, 2020

This past February 19, staff of The Forum visited the UC Laboratory High School to meet with editors of their student-run publication, The Midway. The conversation was not only informative but enlightening…

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