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Stories from Harding Charter Preparatory High School
Shedding Light on the Invisible Disease; Educators Share Their Experience Teaching with Autoimmune Diseases

Anne Daniel | November 24, 2020

Using your hands and going up and down stairs may not seem like a big deal, but to some teachers, everyday tasks like running labs in their classrooms or even getting around the building can feel impossible…

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State sex ed laws leave students bewildered about options

Anne Daniel | October 15, 2020

The annual Healthy Lifestyles talk has been considered a tradition, almost a rite of passage, for the freshman class every January. But under a more modern lens, the traditional talk may not be reaching…

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Alice Bennett | November 20, 2018

This year the school finds itself with not only new students, but a new principal as well. New head principal┬áSteven Stefanick has changed policies all throughout the school: one change being the dress…

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