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Stories from San Juan Hills High School
Coach Arrested for Contact and Communication with a Minor

Riley Goodfellow | December 18, 2019

Assistant Offensive Line Coach, Cole Austin Cazel, was arrested Oct. 30 for inappropriate contact with students, including requests for child pornography, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s Department…

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Teacher Helps Revive the Role of Fire Lookouts

Warren Unzueta | November 15, 2019

As wildfires continue to encroach on densely populated Southern California communities, the need for solutions to help limit the damage of the seemingly endless fire season is dire.

But history teacher,…

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Donate-A-Dance Club Provides Dance Tickets to Students in Need

Grace Aitken | October 28, 2019

The Donate-A-Dance club is attempting to lessen the effects of economic disparity on campus by helping students with financial needs pay for their dance tickets. This is its inaugural year, and since August…

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Teacher Group Plays Dungeons and Dragons

Nikki Iyer | October 28, 2019

Teachers on campus such as Danielle Serio, Leo Spengler, Michael Ushino, Cambria Graff, and Kailtiln Nacarato get together every Sunday evening and play in a Dungeons and Dragons group.

Dungeons and…

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