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OPINION: Call me ‘black’ not ‘African American’

Jordan Owens | November 20, 2018

It seems that the word black has turned into a word people are afraid to use to describe a black person. Instead, they use African American. While there is nothing wrong with describing a black person…

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Rigorous schedules, grueling routines

Emily Davis | November 14, 2018

Competitive cheer is preparing for the state competition held in Columbus this weekend. However, that preparation comes at a price, especially for those whose passions extend beyond the Starr’s Mill…

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Sand in the wind

James Hindy | November 1, 2018

On Oct. 11, as the sun began to rise in the east and birds began to chirp nature’s melody, the nation watched as the horrendous power of Hurricane Michael left the Panhandle State beyond recognition. Now…

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Chris Wooding takes a turn for the epic
Arts & Entertainment

Ian Fertig | October 31, 2018

Talented sci-fi and fantasy author Chris Wooding recently released “The Ember Blade,” a massive epic fantasy. This latest release was a magnificent first installment in what is destined to become one…

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Where are they now? Brittany Beckham

Caylee Cicero | October 5, 2018

Even when Panther alumna Brittany (Fletcher) Beckham was young, she always set high goals for herself. Every daunting ambition she set out to achieve, Beckham has made come true through her hard work….

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Community fights Hurricane Florence together

Saijleen Chawla | October 1, 2018

Although most known for opening its campgrounds and grandstands once a year to host a NASCAR tripleheader race weekend in February, last weekend Atlanta Motor Speedway opened its facilities to those displaced…

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