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Stories from Mount Carmel High School
E-learning challenges students to show integrity

Freddie Gist | February 22, 2021

As we approach the anniversary of when in-school classes were suspended in March 2020, the ongoing challenges for students, parents, and teachers have become clear.

Based on a survey of Mount Carmel…

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Gun violence in 2020: a Chicagoland teen’s perspective

Freddie Gist | January 14, 2021

A major problem in 2020, aside from the pandemic, was the ever-increasing gun violence that plagued our neighborhoods and communities.

Chicago alone ended the year with 769 homicides, according to an…

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Faculty take different approaches to e-learning

Francisco Avila | May 18, 2020

Many believe that ever since the COVID-19 virus came out it primarily affects those working on the front lines, such as nurses, doctors, and paramedics but another group that has been affected is educators.

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As the coronavirus takes over, e-learning becomes “new normal”

Harrison Moynihan | April 6, 2020

This week marks the first week of Mount Carmel’s e-learning. Due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus, schools across the world are being shutdown. Some schools might…

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At MC, math whiz “not a number, but a brother”

Francisco Avila | February 26, 2020

Based on his 4.82 G.P.A., it’s clear that senior Jon Weber is one of Mount Carmel’s most successful seniors. In addition to his academic success, Weber has participated in numerous extracurriculars, including…

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Segroves makes impact on admissions, basketball

Joseph Williams-Tubay | January 29, 2020

Mr. Phil Segroves has had a long, impactful history at Mount Carmel.

He has worked at Mount Carmel in some capacity for 24 years, including full time in the Admissions Office for eight years, and currently…

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Sanchez fulfills marathon dream

Matthew Martinez | November 2, 2018

Mount Carmel senior Cristian Sanchez ran his first ever marathon on October 7th. As a sophomore, he decided to set a goal for himself of running the Chicago Marathon by the time he graduated from high…

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