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Unheard Perspective

Cole Hume | December 18, 2018

The recent unearthing of misconduct committed by clergy members, in particular priests in Pennsylvania, has led to hundreds of guilty sentences, sparking a polarizing dialogue involving the church, wounding…

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Wilhite for the win

Ellery Wakeman | December 13, 2018

Since she was nine years old, Cathedral Catholic High School Student Peyton Wilhite ‘19 has excelled at volleyball, putting hard work and dedication into the sport for nearly her entire life.


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After the vote: what now?
Midterm Elections

Chloe Staples | December 13, 2018

American politics recently underwent change after the November midterm elections, but many Cathedral Catholic High School Students are still unaware about the country’s state of government.


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Restoration vs. detention

Ella Wishchuk | November 29, 2018

On a sunny San Diego afternoon at Cathedral Catholic High School, the final school bell dinged loudly, while the only sounds heard from the feared detention classroom were sighs and snores. Students in…

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