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Capitol Trip Exposes Students to More Than They Bargained For

Syerra Milliman | April 18, 2019

In an effort to learn more about state government, Mitchell Pace’s AP Government (also known as AP Gov) class took a field trip to Richmond to tour the State Capitol building on Feb. 18.

The experience…

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Chickens Come Home to Roost on Snapchat

Blake Berry | January 9, 2019

Social media can be used for many different things, including connecting with friends and getting information fast. But for senior Rhett Jones, it’s about updating the world on his two chickens, Rocky…

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You’ll Regret Looking at This Slender Man
Arts & Entertainment

Blake Berry | December 19, 2018

If you were active on the internet 2010-2013, you might have run across a strange legend– or perhaps I should say, myth– about a creepy fictional character called Slender Man.

The gist of the story…

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