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Stories from Tunstall High School
Brooks deals with scoliosis

Jennifer Sams | November 14, 2018

Junior Taylor Brooks starts off her day almost like any other teenager. She wakes up, gets out of bed, cleans her face, and finally goes to pick out her outfit for the day.

However, this isn’t as…

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Beta spreads positivity with bathroom beautification

Asa Herndon | October 12, 2018

The girls’ bathroom on the A-wing got a surprise makeover after school on Thursday, when the Tunstall Beta club decorated the stalls and mirrors with homemade decals made by club sponsor Mrs. Watson…

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Florence brings memories of surviving Sandy

Amanda Field | October 9, 2018

On October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy hit the state of New Jersey.  With Florence’s early forecast projected to hit Danville hard, the flashbacks kept vividly playing through my mind.

When I was 11…

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