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Future Einstein: Eighth Grade Student Tackles High School Math

Benjamin Kutler | December 18, 2018

For one mod a day, five days a week, eighth-grader Aiden Theis is the youngest high schooler at the high school. Theis is three years ahead of his grade level in math, putting him in Advanced Algebra Honors…

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Culinary Students Get a Crash Course on Photography
Arts & Entertainment

Simmy Niroula | December 4, 2018

On Wednesday, Nov. 7 during class time, the students of Culinary Arts had the chance to put down their knives and pans and grab onto a camera. Foods instructor Alice Smith invited journalism adviser Jerred…

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Video: Noodles and Nostalgia

Erin Mosier | November 20, 2018

To view the preview story of Noodles and Nostalgia, click here.

This story was originally published on Westside Wired on November 1, 2018.

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