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Stories from Augusta High School
City council votes to increase fines for underage vape possession

Alyssa Ferrell | March 19, 2020

After a presentation from Superintendent Matt Ward and Augusta Police Cheif Bob Sage March 2, the city council decided to raise the fine for underage pod possession from $25 to $200.

“In 2019, Goddard…

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Willmott’s family raises personal zoo

Aubrey Stueven | April 10, 2019

The squawk of a blue and gold macaw, the whiny of a quarter horse and many more sounds are just part of Grace Willmott’s (10) everyday life.
Willmott spends her days at home helping take care of the…

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Regier officiates for 40 years

Michaela Lord | February 8, 2019

Calling traveling, fouls, double dribbles, net violation and side outs have been a constant part of Social Studies teacher Jeff Regier’s life.

Regier began refereeing (KSHAA) volleyball and basketball…

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