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Stories from Delaware Valley Regional High School
Local family’s past tragedy still uniting community

Sarah Nerwinski | March 9, 2020

In 2002, a Del Val student and star wrestler, Daniel Hutchins, lost his life in a car accident, leaving behind his family and a shocked community who would come to rally around his passing and bring the…

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State budget cuts take toll on Del Val

Cori Raike | February 26, 2020

Del Val is currently experiencing a 5-year decrease in state funding, and the effects are going to be felt by everyone in the community in the coming months.┬áThe Delphi recently spoke with Superintendent…

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An “Astro”nomically bad decision

Joe Flynn | January 16, 2020

Recently the Astros were accused of using cameras and a trash can to “bang” signals to the batters concerning upcoming pitches.

The MLB commissioner, Robert Manfred, investigated the accusations and…

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