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Dancing through December
Arts & Entertainment

Nora Verdier | January 28, 2019

While most students are preparing for exams in the few weeks leading up to holiday break, two students are balancing their time by both studying and practicing for Grand Rapids’s most anticipated ballet…

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Carlson family gears up for basketball season

Lily Montague | January 23, 2019

Whether Coach Heather Carlson is your teacher, coach, or colleague, or maybe Brendan or Alli Carlson are your classmates, you likely know that the Carlson family is a basketball family.

Heather Carlson…

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“High school will be the best years of your life”

Emmeline Roney | December 19, 2018

My days of spending seven hours a day in school are coming alarmingly close to an end. I remember being 14 and so incredibly excited to start my freshman year. All of the adults in my life — my parents,…

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Why you shouldn’t ask me about my college plans

Lauren Ors | December 6, 2018

My cursor hovers over the Common Application web page and I am filled with a sense of dread because I don’t know what major I want or if babysitting counts as an “activity.” Doubt consumes me. Are…

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Student safety in jeopardy due to bomb threat

Maura Burns | November 16, 2018

Less than one month after the school-wide lockdown in September, East Grand Rapids High School received a second safety threat on Oct. 29.

Monday morning, Administrative Assistant Nancy Scott reported…

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