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Stories from Plano Senior High School
Football should take every measure to ensure the safety of its players

Justo Fernandez | November 22, 2019

This year introduces a new mouthguard sensor called Sisu Sense from Akervall Technologies, which is an electronic device used to detect head impacts that can hopefully bring a new level of safety and caution…

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Senior operates jewelry business in free time

Elizabeth Guevara | November 19, 2019

Even with her busy school schedule, senior Emily Kolb finds time to run her own jewelry line, Em’s Gem’s.

Kolb started her business last year, making keychains for her friends at request. However…

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Arts & Entertainment

Jaece Houston | October 28, 2019

Mxmtoon, also known as Maia, is a 19 year old Californian social media personality and singer-songwriter whose newest album is truly beautiful.

This new album, however, was no small accomplishment….

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Unusual exercises can lead to more positive living

Riley Hayden | April 12, 2019

Finding motivation to exercise in the conventional way can be hard, but by combining extensive and grueling tasks with an enjoyable hobby, it can make it feel more like play than a work out.


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Former theater student stars in hit show ‘NCIS’

Avery Gregorash | March 2, 2019

Pursuing a career as an actor is a gamble, but with a lot of hard work some make it through and Charles Kinder, a 2014 PSHS grad, is one of those few.

Kinder actively pursued theater and speech while…

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Bandersnatch starts a media revolution
Arts & Entertainment

Savannah Anderson | February 26, 2019

From books to videos to television, the idea of the viewer being given the ability to choose the fate of the main characters has gotten very popular with the release of Netflix’s Bandersnatch.


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Stay Day ready to wow

Amelia Bautz | November 16, 2018

With Stay Day taking place on Nov. 2, students are excited for the festivities of this school tradition.

For those unaware, Stay Day is an event that happens twice a year, once per semester, where various…

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