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Stories from Southern Lehigh Senior High School
Diversity Council Seeks to Reshape Culture at Southern Lehigh
College Reporting

Lucas Zhang | November 5, 2020

For most people, discussions on the matters of diversity, race, and inclusivity are often precarious and uncomfortable. At Southern Lehigh High School, the students of the newly established Diversity Council…

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AP Students and Teachers React to Unprecedented Changes to Exams

Saskia Van't Hof | April 22, 2020

For AP students across the nation, some of the most surprising recent news in response to the COVID-19 pandemic came from The College Board: what was once a three-hour exam is now reduced to a mere 45-minute…

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Being Labeled ‘Gifted’ Isn’t Always a Gift

Saskia Van't Hof | October 30, 2019

The idea behind gifted education programs seems simple: children who are academically advanced should be taught at an accelerated rate and in a way that’s better suited for their unique brains. But in…

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Is Intuitive Eating the Answer to Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

Sarah Jacobson | April 9, 2019

Dieting is common in teens. The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse reported that 58.6 percent of teen girls and 28.2 percent of teen boys are actively dieting. However, there’s a lot to…

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Students Burdened by the College Board

Bridgette Lang | January 9, 2019

If you are a sophomore, you may be planning to take the PSAT or an AP test in the near future. As a junior, you may register for the PSAT, SAT, AP tests, or even some SAT subject tests. Seniors can take…

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Southern Lehigh’s Grading System Must Change

Saskia Van’t Hof | January 9, 2019

As students reach the middle of the school year, their frustration over grades echoes through the halls. It’s not just Southern Lehigh – all across the country, teens’ anxiety over school is becoming…

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The Spartan Life kicks Off to a Lively Start
Arts & Entertainment

Saskia Van't Hof | January 8, 2019

A podcast may not be something you’d expect from a duo consisting of a high school English teacher and a math teacher, but you’d be wrong. Since its release in September, the new podcast “The Spartan…

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