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Stories from Owatonna High School
Phones over Yondr

Cole Stanley | June 3, 2019

In April 2019, a select few OHS teachers introduced the Yondr bags to their students. The Yondr bag is a new piece of equipment that is designed to limit the use of cell phones or smart devices. It is…

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Breaking barriers and clays

Kenzie Haberman | May 29, 2019

Trap shooting has traditionally been a fairly male-dominant sport, but these girls have decided to break the stereotype by showing everyone that girls can shoot too. The Owatonna trap shooting team kicked…

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Swimmer breaks barriers

Ashwini Manokar | November 7, 2018

Junior Emily Haas is a swimmer for the OHS Girls Swim team. She joined the swim team in the beginning of her freshman year, and her favorite event to swim is the 50 freestyle. The past three seasons have…

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